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The 10 most used iOS Apps right now?

The 10 most used Mac Apps right now?


Having spend most of my childhood on the dark (PC) side of the force, I’ve been a rather recent addition to the Apple ecosystem (2007). During my time working on his University’s Mac and Linux support team in the mid 2000s, I was known for diving deep into the intricate parts of Mac OS X and doing almost any repair one could imagine on a wide range of Macs (both old and new).

Nowadays, I’m working as a software developer, both as my day job and on the side. My many talents include all kinds of automation, getting to the bottom of almost any problem, managing diverse teams and making sure projects stay on course (plus I’m a security nut).

I can also be seen on several podcasts as well as my (German) cooking show Casual Kitchen on youtube. Every now and then, I’m also sharing a random thought (or two) on my blog.

For now, I’m located in the western part of Germany.