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What is iCloud?

We’ve talked about iCloud a couple of times on the Professional Apple Users Academy, as it’sĀ one of the most important pillars of Apple’s ecosystem nowadays. Still, many people don’t know what iCloud really is, aside from that login they had… Continue Reading →

Using and organizing iCloud Drive on OS X Yosemite

Back in June, when Apple announced the new iCloud infrastructure, they also announced a feature called iCloud Drive which replaced the existing, opaque iCloud service with a new, much more transparent, container-based system. Basically every user gets his own container (something like a big folder) on Apple’s iCloud servers where he/she can store his/her files.

Now, with the release of OS X Yosemite, Apple has added the final missing piece of the puzzle: access to this container from your Mac. On Yosemite you get a special folder aptly named “iCloud Drive” that not only gives you access to the existing contents of your personal iCloud container, but also allows you to put your own content in it.

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