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Back in the dark ages of iOS, I used to utilize the Notes app for all of my note-taking needs for meetings, jotting down important tasks, etc. The application became a repository for much vital information yet it was lacking so much functionality. Enter Drafts, a supercharged (or turbocharged if you are into that) version of the Notes application. Not only does Drafts allow the user to sync their documents via CloudKit, it also allows you to quickly jot down notes and then use actions to send the documents to different applications on your iOS device. For example, I took some notes during a meeting and now I need to send them out via email. I would click on the action menu, choose the Email option, and Drafts opens up the Mail application on my iOS device and populates the body with the notes I have taken. Drafts has a plethora of different ways of reaching out to other applications that make it one of my essential daily-use apps!

Not only is the app a very helpful utility, the developer is very responsive and continues to improve upon the application as new iterations if iOS are released and new feature requests are submitted. For example, both iOS widget and Apple Watch support were released in relatively short time. The bottom line is that is app rocks and has had a spot on my dock ever since the application was released. Keep up the good work Agile Tortoise!



Readdle-spark-feature image

I’m notoriously picky when it comes to email clients. I’ve used just about every one on iOS and every one has come up short for me… until now. Readdle, who makes some of the best iOS apps out there walked up the plate and hit it out of the park with Spark. Its compatible with every IMAP email service, including custom servers and exchange servers not using active sync. It also works with the big cloud storage providers, Evernote/ OneNote, and reading services like Instapaper. The interface is fast, well thought out and highly customizable to fit the individual user. The functionality can be enhanced with widgets like Calendar functionality and future options including package tracking, flight tracking, and access to your iTunes and Amazon accounts. There’s an Apple Watch companion app to boot.

Spark is currently iPhone only, but Readdle has already confirmed a Mac version is on its way. If that isn’t enough to make you want it, its free.