A few of you might already have gotten your Apple Watch, or it might arrive in the next few days/weeks. In the meantime, our very own DocRock has already discovered a bug in the current version of Apple’s Watch OS:
If one of the contacts in your friends view (the one you get when pressing the button on your Apple Watch) has too much information attached to it, the Watch will simply crash and reboot. No big deal, but still annoying.

The good news is, that Doc has figured out how to prevent this from happening until Apple fixes this with one of the upcoming software updates. Watch this short video, to find out how:

  • Step 1: Open your Contacts Application on you iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC
  • Step 2: Edit the Contact Information. Beside to delete duplicate information especially for services that are “connected” for example. In the video I speak of “Jerome” my podcast partner. He had the same iCloud email address in several places. I think the Watch was trying to link to those as that’s how it knows who has an Apple Watch to see if you can send them “Digital Touch” messages and sketches.
  • Step 3: Check contact area for bad imported data in the notes or comments area. I found weird stuff in there from when we all had Sidekicks (Old School). Delete any superfluous information.
  • Step 4: Enjoy because you watch will be fine after the rubbish is all cleared out of the contact’s record or card file.

If you have any questions comments or feedback, please leave a comment below, or use Twitter @macuserpro.