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My inaugural pick on the Professional Apple User’s Academy isn’t Apple specific, but it can help any platform with task management.  My now previous employer used the software for keeping assigning project responsibilities in a team,  keeping track of a project’s status, and keeping track of project assets.  If your team is remote, or even if not, proper organization is crucial to running an effective business.

Trello works natively with attachments from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and MS One Drive.  it can also attach files uploaded from your device.  Within the Trello card, project managers are able to assign individual team members, add due dates to your work, and make project check lists.  Trello is a service that also connects very well with slack if you’re using it.

Trello is cloud based and free for your team members to use.  On the Mac Trello is web-based running on most browsers.  For iOS there is a universal app for the iPhone and iPad.


Resizing All Your Finder Columns in Unison


As you know, when running your business, time is money. This week’s pick is a tip that will save you, our awesome reader, a bit of time when resizing multiple columns inside of a finder window. To resize multiple columns at once, you will need to be in the column view (by clicking on the 3rd little view near the top left of the finder window or pressing CMD-3) before you can perform the task. Once you are in column view, hold down the option key, click on the edge of a column (see the attached screenshot for details on where to click), and drag to resize. Once you are done resizing the columns, let go of the option key and the edge of the column and, similar to magic, you are finished!