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For a while now, I have been using Evernote’s Scannable as my iOS document scanner of choice. Then a little bot that goes by the name Scanbot snuck up and took Scannable’s spot on the front page. One of Scannable’s strengths was the capability for it to automatically detect the borders of what I was scanning and then directly upload it to my Evernote account. Scanbot’s free version provided the features I previously mentioned and, with the $4.99 Pro upgrade, the app was now able to perform OCR on the documents I scanned in even if I didn’t pay for an Evernote Premium account. Another cool feature was the ability to utilize iCloud Drive to access the files on any of my Macs or iOS devices after I scanned in the document in lieu of utilizing Evernote. Scanbot also starts quickly, hasn’t crashed for me (yet) and continues to be a reliable application to digitize my analog paper goods. The $4.99 Pro upgrade is a no-brainer and not only unlocks the OCR capability but also some pretty dang nice looking themes. I love being able to take my business documents, scanning them with my phone, and then accessing them on any of my Apple products! If you need a great scanning application, Scanbot is currently my top pick and will definitely not disappoint. Enjoy!



Viscosity in the menubar

Some people need a good VPN client for their work. Be it to connect to your company’s secure network, or to connect to one of your servers.

In my mind, Viscosity is THE OpenVPN client for the Mac. It’s relatively inexpensive (but not free), very stable and easy to use. I’ve not once had issues with it.
There’s really not much to talk about when it comes to this app. Once configured, it silently sits in your menubar, waiting for your commands. It will keep your connections open for as long as you like (reconnecting lost connections) and doesn’t make much fuss about it.
If you’ve ever had to deal with OpenVPN, you probably know that it is configured using cryptic configuration files. Viscosity provides a great UI for that. It’s so good, I even use it when I’m configuring a profile for a client. And that, despite the fact that I could easily create the file by hand.