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Apple Support pages

As you more than likely can tell from the my weekly picks, I not only try to recommend cool gadgets but I also like to make you, the Macuser.pro reader self-sufficient through my picks. My pick for this week will be support.apple.com as many new, and some veteran, users do not know this section of apple.com actually exists. Everything from learning common OS X short cuts to support forums to booking Genius Bar appointments can be performed through this site. As mentioned previously, I am a huge proponent for self-sufficiency in correcting your issues and support.apple.com is one of the best resources out there for getting the answer you need. For all the other things, there is Macuser.pro!


Tweetbot for OS X

Tweetbot on OS X

Yes, I know I’m late to the game… Many people I know bought Tweetbot right when it was first released. This was the time Twitter was in the process of limiting the number of users, third-party clients can serve. Still, I did’t see a reason to spend the $20 for the app. My iPad was enough to keep track of my feed, and as it’s always with me, there was no need for having access to Twitter on my Mac. Plus, I really didn’t want that source of distraction on the machine I’m doing a lot of work with.

Things have changed since then: I have many more accounts for one (one for each podcast and several for other outlets/projects) and I also need to keep an eye on them. Especially when it comes to keeping track of multiple accounts, the (outdated) Tweetbot app for the iPad is really very little use. Yes, it supports multiple accounts, but you can’t really use them simultaneously. And although I use Buffer to post most of my content, this is a deal-breaker for me. Which is why I finally bought the app for my Mac.

For someone who has used Tweetbot on iOS for years, there’s really not much to talk about when it comes to the app. It looks, feels and behaves exactly like the iOS app(s). With one key difference: you can open multiple windows at once.

P.S.: They are working on a Yosemite update as we speak.