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I’ve tried my fair share of mind mapping apps in the past few years. While I liked some of them, and some had really awesome features, none of them (so far) has been THE ONE app/service that offers everything I want. That being said, Mindmeister is as close at it gets to being ideal (for me). The one thing that has always irked me is the fact that the service is relatively expensive for what it offers. I’m all for paid services, but this one just rubbed me the wrong way. If you only ever need a few (3) maps at a time, the service is completely free, though.

Other than that, it really does a great job at allowing you to easily create awesome mind maps and (and that’s the best part) collaborate on them. I’ve used Mindmeister for more than a few client projects, collaborating with them (or my team) on what the service/software should do. In a way it has almost replaced our issue tracker/task management system (at least for the very high level stuff).

What else can I say about Mindmeister? Not much. It gets out of the way, offers a lot of option for customization (different colors, fonts, icons, …) and can be controlled entirely by keyboard if needed. Something that is important for keyboard types like me (and most developers).
They also have an iPad app, that allows you do create mandamus on the go. In fact, I create most maps on my iPad!


6 Reasons Why It’s Just as Important to Be a Good Business-Person, as It Is to Be a Good Photographer

My pick for this week is both short and not a physical, tangible product, but some great advice on how to be a better business-person. I have met many people in my life who complain about their lack of success even though they have some skill or knowledge that should make them successful (Heck, I fall into this camp too unless I catch this bad habit). The complaint usually surfaces when someone who, in that person’s mind, is not as “smart” but much more successful in every aspect of their life. Here is the difference between those two types of people: One just complains and the other knows how to be a good business-person. Mike Wilkinson overFstoppers has posted a great article on their site and, even though it is photography themed, all of these suggestions can be adjusted to different types of professions. So, before you complain about how smart you are and how no one is throwing money at you, please make sure you know how to be a good business-person!