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Prior to last week, when DocRock invited me to participate in a Street Photography course, I had never heard about Skillshare. Being a huge photography nerd, I immediately accepted his challenge to capture the essence of my city in four really awesome shots.

The service itself is much simpler than Lynda.com, one of our previous picks, and also doesn’t offer the huge portfolio of online courses.
And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I was able to find a few interesting courses without really searching for them. And more courses are added almost every day. Each course consists of several videos (usually between 30 and 90 minutes of material) plus an assignment to get your own creative juices going. Skillshare is less a service that allows you to learn how to do something step-by-step (although you get some of that too) and more a site that inspires you to try something yourself and expand your skill set.
Based on the one course I have completed so far, it seems to be geared towards creative people who tend to learn by just doing it instead of taking hours of classes.

Skillshare is just $10 a month for unlimited access to their entire portfolio, and if you use this link you get an entire month for free.


Credit Karma

Credit Karma Mobile

Keeping track of your credit score becomes more and more important as we move into an era of data breaches and stolen identities. You used to only be able to do a yearly, free credit score check and had to pay the different credit monitoring organizations money to gain access to a score that could determine your eligibility for house to car loans. Nowadays, it has become much easier to gain access to your credit score via apps like Credit Karma or Credit Sesame. I personally have been using Credit Karma and love the fact that it keeps me up to date on changes to my credit score. Everything from credit inquiries on your credit score to the accounts that are currently open are listed in an easy to ready fashion. Sign-up does require you to provide your social security number so the service can verify your identity and I gladly provided this information as they do have to be 100% sure that they are confirming your identity.

Why is a service like Credit Karma so important for a business professional? There will come a time when you need to take out a loan for critical items or applying for a lease when your credit score will be checked and knowing this about where you stand will be priceless. Also, as I have mentioned before, keeping track of your credit score allows you to be proactive if there are breaches at large companies. Credit Karma does not sell your information and makes their money off of the special credit card / loan offers that they recommend to you. This service has been priceless in allowing me to know where I stand when I went to a bank for a loan and I hope it is helpful for your future endeavors.




I absolutely hate email and its misuse in so many ways the list of peeves could go on for several pages. Technology has come a long way; however, nothing has come to replace email so for we are stuck with it. If you have to be stuck with email, you might as well be doing it right with Sanebox.

If you were to query 100 random people what is the biggest annoyance of email and their inbox is 138 of them would say SPAM. There are many services and tools out there designed to help on tame the constant influx of crap in ones inbox but nothing comes as close as Sanebox. SaneBox is an online application which helps sort your email into proper boxes thus reduces your email processing time.

Almost as annoying as SPAM is BACON, that advertising crap you want to see but only on your terms like when you are ready to take a vacation, buy a car or shop for Christmas. The Smart filtering features of SaneBox reads your email messages, determines the level of importance and moves unimportant messages out of the inbox into a set of preset boxes like “@SaneTomorrow,” “@SaneNextWeek” or my “@SaneBlackHole” which not only deletes your spam messages it makes sure you never receive email from the sender again automatically unsubscribing you from mailing list.

SaneBox is about US$5/month depending on monthly or yearly subscriptions.