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We’ve talked about this app in the past. It’s our favorite tool to input events and manage calendars. Technically, it’s not one app but multiple ones: one for iOS, one for OS X. The OS X app, really “just” a menubar item, allows you to enter new events using natural language (one of the key features of Fantastical) and also quickly peek at your calendar, e.g. to check your availability when you’re on the phone with a client.

Fantastical on OS X

The iOS app, however, fully replaces Apple’s Calendar app while still integrating with it so you don’t have to add any accounts to Fantastical or sync calendars with iOS. It just works and it’s really fantastical! And don’t forget to give Fantastical’s Today View widget a try.
The app is available for both the iPhone and iPad.

Fantastical on iOS



As you grow professionally, there comes a time when a certain required skillset is needed but you yourself are not able to complete the task.
A couple of options would be to hire an employee or pay an outside contractor to fill in the skill gap. Another option would be to sit down, watch the videos on Lynda.com, and learn or improve on a skill.

I personally am watching a course on Swift development right now, but you have the choice of learning about a plethora of different topics. From things like Final Cut, tips on running your business, to Photoshop. And about every week Lynda sends out another email on new courses that have been added.

The cost of the service starts at $25 per month and is definitely cheaper than hiring that extra contractor or new employee. Also, once you learn a new skill, no one can take that information away from you and your experience will keep you from becoming irrelevant. Of all the services I have tested, I keep coming back to Lynda.com due to professionally created videos by experts in their field. If you are looking for alternatives, there sites such as YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare, and many more.



I know what you’re thinking but yeah I’m picking Apple’s very own AirDrop. AirDrop lets you wirelessly send files from Mac to Mac, iOS device to iOS device, and between Macs and iOS devices if the Mac is runing OS X Yosemite.

When AirDrop first arrived on the scene I originally thought it was cute but not quite baked. Today I find myself using AirDrop every single day and teaching someone new how to or that it even exist nearly everyday.

If you are not up on the merits of Airdrop, as a refresher take a look at Apple’s Mac Basics post on AirDrop and their iOS version.