The holidays are fast approaching, so is the time for great gifts for your business partners, employees, friends and family members. And we all know, picking the right gift for them can be a daunting task.

That’s why we’ve created this series of guides for you. Each guide features a particular category (iOS, Mac, Gadgets) and contains hardware and software picks alike. That should give you a nice range of options, depending on your budget and needs.


Omnifocus 2


The Omni Group has been developing Mac apps for a long, long time. It’s no coincidence, that they are well loved throughout the Apple ecosystem: their apps have always been one of the highest quality apps on the Mac platform.

OmniFocus is no exception to that rule. Back in the day when the whole “Getting things done” (GTD) movement formed, people were hacking OmniOutliner for their task management needs. That’s when the Omni Group decided to create a dedicated task management app. Today, OmniFocus 2 is the foremost app for anyone who is serious about GTD or managing their tasks in general. It’s not only well designed (they redesigned it entirely for version 2), but also easy to use and super flexible.

One of the most powerful features are the “Perspectives”, unique and configurable views on your tasks, projects and contexts. They allow you to hide almost every advanced feature of OmniFocus, if you like to do so, or to create your own unique views for your areas of responsibility.

Of course they offer an easy and flexible sync service that allows you to sync your tasks between multiple Macs or their equally powerful iOS apps.


The Roost – The Ultimative MacBook Stand


Ever wanted to work some place else than your (home) office, but your MacBook stand was to big to take with you?
Or have you worked on your MacBook for hours on end, only to end up with your neck hurting?
In either case, the Roost is the answer to your prayers.

When it’s collapsed, the Roost is barely bigger than a ruler, 1″ x 1.5″ x 13″ (2.5 x 3.8 x 33.0 cm) to be precise. Once you’ve propped it up, which is super easy by the way, it can hold a MacBook Pro up to 17″.
It might look a little flimsy at first sight, but I can tell you, it’s the most stable stand I’ve ever seen. They did a load test once, and stopped at 132 pounds because they didn’t want to get hurt when the stand collapsed and unleashed an avalanche of bricks. Reportedly, it even withstood the 6.1 magnitude earthquake that hit the Bay Area earlier this year and saved a MacBook Pro from certain destruction. That’s the magic of carbon fiber.

Ever since I bought the Roost, I’ve deeply fallen in love with my little orange stand. When ever I take my MacBook Pro with me, the Roost is always right there in my bag. It’s the first thing I take out of my bag in the office, and the last thing I pack when leaving. And after almost 8 months of use, it still looks and works like on day one.

There is, however, one minor flaw I don’t want to hide from you: due to the way the Roost is designed and how it holds your MacBook, you should never close the lid while it’s still on the stand. So, remove your MacBook first, than close the lid.

We met the guys behind the Roost at MacWorld this year, and were equally impressed how smart they were. They truly know their craft.