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Skitch (Patrice)


Sometimes, you just need to take a quick screenshot, hide sensitive information on a picture or highlight something. Whether it’s for an article, some kind of documentation or just to post it on a social network. That’s where Skitch comes in handy. The app itself is free and simple enough to use: either click on the screen snap button to take a screenshot or drag an existing image onto the app icon, and the app will present you with a few options to customize your image. Add arrows, draw rectangles, add text, pixelate areas or just draw on it. Of course you can also crop it, if you like. When you’re done, export the result to a new file (again, a simple drag & drop operation). You can also post it on Twitter or Facebook, attach it to a text or email. In addition, Skitch can sync your images to your Evernote account, for convenient access to them wherever you are.

If you’ve read any of my articles here at the Professional Apple Users academy, you’ve also seen a couple of images created with skitch. It’s my go-to tool for images for both my writing and app development business.

NomadKey USB to Lightning (Jerome)


One item that has become a necessity while traveling and provides the lifeblood to our portable devices is the USB to Lightning cable. Without it, our iOS devices become nothing more than fancy paperweights and our productivity grinds to a halt. To solve this issue, I have started carrying a NomadKey with me on my keychain, so I always have a lightning cable with me. The cable itself is very unobtrusive and does not add considerable weight or bulk to my pocket. It’s also flexible enough so that it won’t break easily or poke you in your side. When you need to charge your device, just plug the charge key into the closest USB port and replenish the battery power. The device is so simple that there really isn’t much else to say about it other than if you need a micro-usb variant, it is also available for your charging pleasure: NomadKey USB 2.0 to Micro USB.