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Deliveries by Junecloud (Jerome)

Deliveries App

I have a need to track a lot of deliveries that are incoming and outbound and needed an application to consolidate tracking information for all of the different services, that are utilized by my business and by the likes of Amazon, Apple, etc. My go-to app to keep track of all the deliveries is the aptly named Deliveries by Junecloud. I am able to enter my tracking numbers and it automatically detects the service via the number I entered. There is also a widget available for free where you use Junecloud’s free sync service to sync the information between devices.

All in all, Deliveries is a well designed app that does one thing very well: track my deliveries!

Slack (Patrice)

There’s certainly no lack of tools for team communication out there: Skype, IRC, Basecamp, the good old email, or even Twitter.
Recently I was on the lookout for a new tool. I had three basic requirements for such a tool:

  • it had to be usable on iOS and OS X (ideally with a native app)
  • it needed to archive the communication so I could reference/search for particular items later on

A few people had talked about Slack and how they used it for their projects, so naturally I jumped on the opportunity of giving it a try. I almost instantly fell in love with it, and so did my team mates.

Slack app on OS X

Using it is pretty simple: initially it looks and behaves like any chat client. It uses channels to separate different topics or areas of responsibility. You can even talk to people directly or create private groups to keep certain information secret.
Only after a few hours of using it you start to discover the real power of Slack. Advanced features like posts, files, snippets get out of the way when you don’t need them. Slack also integrates with a myriad of services (Dropbox, Twitter, …) so you can basically use it as a main command center for your business.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth review of Slack in the future.