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###Cash (Jerome)

Square Cash app

There have been multiple occasions where I had to quickly request money or send money where time was of the essence and Square came to the rescue with their Cash service. All you have to do is install the free app, link your bank’s debit card, and then either request or send money Best of all, there are no fees associated with the service (which does worry me a bit as it sounds like Square’s other services are subsidizing Cash).

For anyone curious how the service functions, head on over to the site and have Square send you a test dollar. As I mentioned before, if you need to send or request money in a expedited fashion, place your bets on Cash.

1Password on iOS8 (Patrice)

1Password for iPad

We here at the Professional Apple Users Academy are huge fans of Agilebits’ 1Password. It’s an essential tool in our tool belt and helps us keeping track of all the million different passwords and logins we have.

On iOS 7 and earlier, 1Password has been less useful than on OS X albeit being still being pretty awesome all things considered. This is due to the limitations that iOS has in place to protect apps from interfering with the system (or each other), also called Sandboxing. While 1Password on OS X can integrate with every browser and provide easy access to all its stored information, there is no such integration on iOS. To get a password, you literally have to open the 1Password app, copy the login and switch back to where you came from (or use the integrated Browser). Agilebits has done its best to make the whole process as easy and pain-free as they can but it’s still nowhere near ideal.

This is about to change. With iOS 8, Apple introduces a new feature called Extensions which allows Apps to provide limited functionality to other apps (e.g. filters for your photos). Harnessing the powers of Extensions, Agilebits has released a new Framework for developers that allows them to retrieve logins directly from the 1Password App. This makes it so much easier for us to use 1Password on iOS that it finally might reach the point where its as enjoyable (and less of a hassle) as on OS X. Over a hundred apps have already integrated that framework into their apps, a lot more will certainly follow in the coming months.

Check out this video, that shows the extension in action.