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Marked 2 (Patrice)

Marked 2 app

Marked has been an integral part of my writing workflow for a while. Nowadays, a lot of writing can be done in Markdown no matter whether you’re writing documentation, creating a blog post or even writing an entire book.

Markdown itself is simple and easy to use, but it doesn’t show you how the finished product will look like in case you’ll convert it to HTML when you’re finished. That’s where Marked comes in. It’s a handy Markdown preview app (developed by Brett Terpstra) that allows you to get an idea how you document will look like and also export it in different formats (like PDF).

With Marked 2, Brett has added a slew of new features. Things like Word Repetition Visualization, all kinds of statistics (e.g. reading time), keyword highlighting and so much more. The App is available through the website or on the Mac App Store for $13.99.

Documents (Jerome)

Documents 5 app

With the plethora of cloud storage solutions available to businesses, it is becoming much
rather cumbersome to have to navigate through the maze of different applications in attempt to find that one file. Documents by Readle solves this issue by giving the user access to their most common cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.net, OneDrive, an FTP server, and many more). The user is able to move the files from the iOS device to the another location or bring the file to their local device. Once the needed file is stored locally, the user can send the file to any application that is listed in the iOS share menu.

Not only can the user access files remotely, they are also able to turn the iOS device into a local networked storage drive allowing the device to be accessed by another device on the same local network. This is very helpful when a file has to be moved to a remote location and no actual network access to the outside world is available. Enable networking sharing on the Mac, connect the iOS device to the network, and navigate the Mac’s browser to the displayed URL…you know have a great replacement for a thumb drive!

With all the great functionality of this app, you would expect it to be about $6-7 dollars and here comes the kicker: It is free and universal! Check out the app that I have been using more and more as I have to move files between different services on the go! Enjoy!